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You’ve reached the home page for author and freelance writer, Donna Sundblad. While her freelance portfolio includes more than 1,000 published SEO articles, creative non-fiction, promotional materials, inspirational/devotional pieces, ghostwriting, and four books today she spends most of her time as senior editor and ghostwriter with Aneko Press¬†as she works on her next fantasy series.

The Inheritance by Donna Sundblad

Her most recent book, The Inheritance, was nominated for a 2012 Epic ebook award. It is available on Kindle and in print on Amazon. Her other books available on Kindle include Pumping Your Muse (non-fiction), Windwalker (fantasy), Beyond the Fifth Gate (fantasy).

Coming Soon:

Donna’s next project is due out soon. Agape’s Children is the story of missionary Darla Calhoun. This inspirational story is one of love and obedience. Read about the impossible as God reaches down and touches the lives of street children giving them hope and changing their lives forever. Pre-orders are being taken.

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